My name is Denise Kwan. I am a designer and front-end web developer.

I have been designing and building websites for the last 5+ years. I also love drawing, cycling, coffee, running and comics. I am based in Toronto, ON.

What I Can Do

Technical Skills

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Responsive Development
  • Illustration

Coding Skills

  • HTML5
  • CSS / LESS
  • Javascript / jQuery

Apps & Tools

  • Sublime
  • Bootstrap
  • Git / GitHub

Select Projects

Beer Explorer

Beer Explorer allows users to explore different types of beer. I designed and developed this app using HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery. I used two APIs to generate a list of search results.

{ HTML / CSS / Javscript / jQuery / JSON / AJAX }

Launch Project

Chango Inc.

As part of the web development team, I've worked on developing the face of the company site. The backend framework runs on Python and Django, while the front-end components of the site use LESS, Jinja and Bootstrap.

{ HTML / CSS/LESS / Javascript / jQuery / Python / Django }

Launch Project

Chango Rubicon Landing

This landing page was created to announce the aquisition of Chango by Rubicon Project.

{ HTML / CSS / Javascript / jQuery }

Launch Project